Welcome to YUGYAG

Hello All,

Welcome to YUGYAG... It is just a reverse of GAYGUY..

so Here i am , a 30 year old, gay guy. Living in Delhi, India. I am a typical indian gay male, who is not open at all. Who does not want to be open too. But yes, there has to be some place where i can vent out my feelings, my emotions. And hence, here i am ...

Trying to share my discreet gay life, with all you people. Hope someone understands me.


inspirational gay quote

here goes the pic my friend.... with an inspirational quote for people like me and you..

Be Gay... Be Happy...

Delhi Queer Pride 2014

sexy men

This is such a sensual picture. I can just feel the love between these two men. 

sexy man

new yugyag banner

the new yugyag banner which i am exchanging with this other site, www.indiangaylust.com

Suneet Varma - Indian Fashion Designer got married to Rahul Arora

Suneet Varma who claimed to have sexuality in his DNA in an interview given to times of india in the year 2009 has got married to his long time boy friend, Rahul Arora.

As per a news article in HT City, a Hindustan Times supplement,Suneet Varma updated his relationship status on facebook as "married" and the wishes started pouring in.

Great to see indian celebrities coming out, because that will give confidence to other gay people to come out and live their life as they want to be.

Rahul Arora

Suneet Varma

should yugyag be out of closet

Hello All,

I am 35 year old now. And since last few months, I am contemplating if I should be out? Believe me, I am completely confused. Let me write down below pointers in favour and against and brainstorm with you all.

Pointers for OUT.
1. Will feel comfortable.  As on date, don't know why but feel claustrophobic.
2. Will be able to ask my boyfriend to stay at my house openly.
3. Will work for LGBT community without any inhibitions.

Pointers for remaining a closet
1. Why unnecessarily create chaos at home.  Mom at this old age may not be able to accept my gayism.
2. How will my friends react to it.
3. My relatives may outcast me, or deliberately start avoiding me and my family.

Can you guys give me your opinions.

Please remember that I stay in Delhi, India. It would have been easy if I was staying in Europe or US. But being in India has its own limitations.

Looking forward to your comments. .
You can also mail me at contactimyag@gmail.com

I want to do Research in LGBT issues

Hi all my readers,

I am 35 year old now. And I think I really want to work for my lgbt community, full time.  For this, I want to do my PhD in lgbt issues. But I need your help.

1. To let me know about institute where I can do this phd.
2. By letting me know the agencies who can sponsor my studies.

The topics I want to study are as follows

1. LGBT community in indian corporates - a study of diversity and inclusion.
2. Understanding life of older gay men in india. Specific to people above 50 yrs of age.

Please my readers. Help me in my endeavour.

Mail me at sdelhilove@gmail.com

Nude sketch

My new hobby, to sketch naked men... feedback awaited :)

HOT indian guy

DISCLAIMER : the pics are not of gay person... this is random guy  whom I found sexy and clicked. If any one has problems with the uploaded pics, kindly let me know and i will remove these.

sexy indian men

DISCLAIMER : the pics are not of gay men... these are random people whom I found sexy and clicked. If any one has problems with the uploaded pics, kindly let me know and i will remove these. 

Indjapink - travel to goa

Indjapink, Indian travel agency for gay men has announced few packages for goa, exclusively for gay men. Feel free to get in touch with them.

This is not a paid post.. i am posting it because i got this email from indjapink.

love to all

waiting to hear from you

hi all,

I have 32 followers of this site through google and 86 readers through feedburner, i have daily more than 150 hits on this website. 

I would really like to hear from you, my friends so i can cater to you people in better manner.

Please write to me at : contactimyag@gmail.com

looking forward to your mails.


real sexy indian men

sexy indian men.... 

these men are typical indian men.. whom i clicked just like that. they are no models, but i am sure, you would love the sex appeal of these men.

Sexy Underwears for my gay friends

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confession - of my life

Hi Dear Readers, 

Today let me confess something about my life with all of you... this valentine day.....

Since last few years, a lot of people, including my friends are annoyed with me. Because I suddenly get lost, yes i just disappear from the public life, leaving others confused, hurt and angry. 

But i just can not help it. I think i am suffering from some kind of psychological issue. Unfortunately no one is able to diagnose it properly. 

I thought that I was suffering from depression, but then in August 2012, I got some tests done which confirmed that it is not depression. The doctor told me that this is some kind of personality disorder, which can be corrected by cognitive behavioral therapy. I was not sure, what I should do . As of now, I have not undergone this therapy. But this issue is hampering not only my personal life, but my professional life as well.

I just shut myself suddenly from everyone and doesn't feel like talking to anyone or meeting anyone. I sleep like 16 hours in a day. I switch off my phone, and love to live such anonymous life. My appetite gets down, and I lost interest in life completely. Because of this issue, I have lost good friends, and suffered in my career as well. Believe me, I don't like this.. I don't do this deliberately.. but I cant help.

Wish I get supportive friends and necessary guidance to get over this issue.

Love you all :)

Happy Valentine's Day - 2013

Valentine's day is a day, when one expresses his love to loved ones. But why just one day. Valentine's day  is everyday, whenever one meet his boy friend, its valentine day, whenever one enjoys with friends, its valentine's day. Whenever one feel happy and loved, its valentine's day.

Hope and wish we all, enjoy valentine's day, each day of this year.


yugyag calendar with sexy indian male models

Hello All,

I, at Yugyag, with one of my friend is working on Yugyag calendar for 2013 featuring sexy indian guys,  presented  in their complete sensual essence. 

Feel free to send me a mail showing your interest so accordingly, we can plan on the production of the calendar. You can buy the calendar online as well as the hard copy can be sent to you through courier. 

Email your interest at contactimyag@gmail.com

The shown calendars here, are not published by Yugyag.. but we would try to do better than these. :)

Again I am on crossroads

Hmmm... So finally i have resigned again.. today. I know its nothing to do about me being gay. Its just about me being depressed with my life, and loosing my self confidence. Also this is about me not happy with my current career, and trying to breakfree in doing something which i really like.

I sent the stupid SMS to my boss, telling him that he should start looking for a replacement, as I would not be able to continue, due to my medical condition.

Now what am I gonna do. I dont know. I feel like writing.. writing.. and writing.. I am writing few blogs.

This is my personal gay blog. Writing about my life as a closet gay guy in india. This is more about me... as a gay guy. My thoughts, my opinions, my gay life. 

This is a gay informational blog. Writing about gay culture in India. This is more about gay community in India. Frankly speaking i would like to do something more concrete about LGBT community in india. 

I am also trying to initiate two more blogs.

1. About the bipolar disorder in India
2. About the life skills, employability, career advice, corporate news for professionals. 

As of now, i want to build my life around my writing, photography and travel. Yes! photography and travel are two new hobbies of mine. 

Now the most important question. MONEY! Where is this money gonna come from. I dont know. I am not even sure about it. 

Let me know about your opinions and ideas.. How I can leverage my blogs, and writing skills to earn money as well for survival.

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